Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gross Rosen Concentration Camp and Dresden, Germany

On Thursday we set out for a day trip to Gross Rosen Concentration camp, one of the largest, imprisoning mostly men and was a holding camp for those in route to Auschwitz. Since I'm not one with words and can't possibly describe how I feel, I will let Laine and Vicki do a much better job of describing to you the feelings one gets when experiencing a concentration camp. I'm glad we went, it was a truly sombering experience that makes me ever grateful for my freedom but also make my stomach churn as I think we as humans are capable of this. I know humans are capable of amazingly wonderful things as well but why must good come with something this horrible?

Friday morning we headed back to Dresden to mail off our pottery and to enjoy some beautiful fall weather in the gorgeous city of Dresden. Dresden is situated on the River Elbe and after the bombings in WWII much of the city was restored with the original buildings in mind. It is a really neat city that I would love to revisit at Christmas time for the Christmas markets :)

It was a wonderful week long trip with some wonderful ladies. Lots of laughs were had and lots of memories made and I have lots of gorgeous pottery to remind me of it all!


  1. Fun times were had by all! Great post Jill.

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