Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Sunshine

First of all, let me apologize for making you stare at my dirty laundry for a whole month every time you came back to check if there was an update (pretty sure that statement just pertains to my mama)! It's been a busy month, not much blog worthy stuff, but we have been busy!

We think that Spring is officially here, we've had some pretty amazing days in the last couple of weeks and we hope that they are here to stay. Spring/Summer can be used interchangeably, there really isn't much difference in the two seasons. Spring can often be warmer than summer but I'm hoping that's not the case this summer because we have lots of visitors to entertain and when Scotland is on it's best behavior in terms of weather, there is not a better place to visit and I want to be able to show our visitors why we love this place so much!

Our first set of visitors are Ryan's parents, arriving mid June. I'm in travel agent mode and I can't wait for them to get here. We have lots of fun stuff to show them! I will definitely have tons to blog about after their visit. Until then, here's what we've been up to.....

Family rehab time! Ryan is progressing wonderfully; he no longer has weight bearing restrictions so it's strengthen, strengthen, strengthen time! He still requires one crutch to walk so he doesn't develop a limp but he'll be back to 'normal' in no time and I'm hoping he's 100% by the end of the summer so we can enjoy at least one hike before the season changes.

This beautiful view on my and Angus' daily walk. No, it doesn't always look like this but when the sun is shining and the clouds are puffy, it's perfect!

We haven't been able to contain our excitement with the latest bought of sunshine! Thursday you would have thought winter was making another appearance but Friday the sun was in full force and Angus was lovin' it!

Saturday was another beautiful, cloudless day; perfect for a little BBQ. Ryan smoked a pork shoulder and we enjoyed our first spring meal on the patio. It was perfect!

We had some bonding time with our friends' pups. We were dog sitting Kady, Falene's dog, for the day and Jonathan brought over Sammy and Bailey girl to run about in the yard while we soaked up the sun and stuffed our faces!
Ryan and Sammy bonding, he was telling him it was okay to go in the water!

Bailey girl loving life

Sunday, was yet another perfect day. That's right, 3 absolutely perfect days in a row! Since Ryan's feeling better about walking distances, we took a short walk down to the river for Angus to splash around and for us to enjoy another sun shiny day. I could get used to this!!