Friday, March 1, 2013

An Almost Perfect Day Turned Perfect

Yesterday, Debbie, Laine, Nary and I headed out to check a few things off of Debbie's "Must Do Before We Move to London" list. First thing up was to hike Clachnaben. You may remember, I did this hike with the AWA back in November. This time we 'just' did the 6ish mile out and back route to make sure we had time for the other things on our list for the day.

The hike is more or less a steady climb from the minute you step foot on the trail. (We climbed over 1500ft!)

We took a breather or two to enjoy the view.

Because this rock was our goal....

 And it took climbing these steep steps to get you there.

 But it was all worth it to see these breath taking views.

Angus taking a moment to take it all in...

Debbie, Nary and I climbed to the top of the rocks where we were actually blocked from the wind (despite what Debbie's hair may tell you) but it was much colder at the summit!

After enjoying the views and taking so quick pics, we quickly made our way down to warmer ground because our tummies were growling and we were ready to embark on the next item of the day, food. However, when we got to the car and everyone was making sure they had everything, Nary noticed her phone was missing. She and Laine headed back to the trail in search for it, thinking it fell out of her jacket pocket when she took her jacket off towards the end of our hike. They back tracked about a mile with no luck. This put a huge damper in our day but we knew it wasn't the end of the world and nothing we could do about it at the time.

We set forth to Stonehaven to enjoy the best fish and chips in the UK at Bay Fish and Chips and  some yummy ice cream for dessert at Aunty Betty's.

Perfect crispiness without the greasiness

They weren't lyin...Best fish and chips I've had!

Yummy, coconut chocolate chip ice cream!
So, up to this point it had been a pretty perfect day...hanging out with my best girls, hiking in beautiful Scotland and enjoying some yummy food along the harbor. The only thing that was keeping it from being perfect was Nary's lost iPhone. When she got home she tracked her phone with the brilliant 'track my phone' app. At first it was saying the phone was off line so it wasn't picking up any signal but then, she got an alert and the phone was moving!! Either a sheep had picked it up or a human being had found it! Luckily for her, it was the latter and she immediately called the phone in which someone picked up. She arranged to collect later that day (yay for good people!!) and that's how our almost perfect day turned perfect.