Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun in the Sun

We have had perfect weather for 8 days straight!! And when I say perfect I mean, it's 65-70 degrees but in the bright sunshine, it feels like 85 and to me, that's perfect! We've taken full advantage of the weather. Ryan played two rounds of golf this weekend and Angus and I have been enjoying lots of runs/walks and playtime outside. Sunday, we headed north to Cruden Bay which is a cute a little town with an amazing golf course (Ryan played there on Saturday) and some beautiful beaches. Because it doesn't get very hot here, the beaches are hardly used meaning they stay very clean! We had a great walk along the beach; it was even warm enough to put our feet in! If we were guaranteed summer days like this, I don't know if we would ever leave. However, it is Scotland and the weather is ever changing (as I type this it's cloudy and 50 degrees with a cool wind).

My very white feet in the very cold North Sea!
Ryan trying to convince Angus that the water isn't that cold!
Playing fetch.

Needless to say, we have a very tired puppy today. We did manage to get a few miles in this afternoon on the forest trails but he is a pooped pup. We are hoping that we have a summer full of days like Sunday, it was absolutely perfect!

Countdown to Texas is 16 days!

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