Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Windy Bennachie

If one things for sure, it's that Bennachie is ALWAYS windy and I confirmed that (again) last Thursday. I offered to lead the Explorers hike since Lisa was out of town and decided on Bennachie because it's not that far away and it's a really great hike. I knew it would be windy but I really had no idea it could be as windy as it was. There was one point I could not ascent any further for fear of being blown away. And on this day it was icy in spots as well so that really tests your footing and balance. But despite the wind and the ice, it was still a great hike with two lovely ladies (small group thanks to International School holidays) and two of my favorite pups.

And because our hands were so cold and there was no way we were stopping to eat lunch along the way, we got down the mountain and stopped at one my favorite lunch spots, Gadie's, at Touched by Scotland. A warm bowl of vegetable soup and green tea warmed me right up!

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