Friday, June 8, 2012

Yellow fields

    Yesterday I set out on a hike with the AWA Explorers group to Inverbervie (about 15 minutes south of Stonehaven, 30ish minutes from Aberdeen). It was a pretty easy 10K hike through farm land, rapeseed fields and coastline. We didn't get rained on but it was really foggy which doesn't make ideal photography situations. I hope you can kind of get the grasp of how beautiful the rapeseed (canola oil) fields are and how it's not unusual to run in to a few four legged friends along the way.
    This was our last official Explorers hike of the year (a lot of people travel all summer long) but I am hoping we can still get together for some unofficial hikes and continue to discover this beautiful country (Do I sound I sound like broken record yet? I love hiking through Scotland and discovering new places and I'm not tired of it yet so, I hope you don't get tired of me talking about it anytime soon ;-)

I love the black and white with the bright yellow field in the background

Foggy coastline
Yes, horses wear coats gets cold!

Rapeseed fields

A stop at The Mill of Benholm for coffee/tea.

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