Sunday, August 19, 2012

Greece: First Stop-Mykonos

Finally, I'm sitting down to give you the run down of our trip to Greece. Our friend Brian, who lives in Dubai, met us there; we hadn't seen him in 18 months! In a nutshell, it was amazing and my posts will mostly be pictures with a few words thrown in (you like that better anyway).

After a short sleep in Athens on Thursday night, we woke up bright dark and early to catch our 30 minute flight to the island of Mykonos. When we arrived in Mykonos around 7am, we noticed that the streets were awfully crowded for so early in the morning and didn't take long to realize that these people had yet to go to bed. Mykonos is notorious for being a party island and we were fair warned before hand but I don't think we knew just what to expect.

Since we arrived so early and couldn't check in to our room until noon, we started our site seeing early and headed down to the harbor for a few pictures ops.

After our tour of the habor, we quickly found a spot to rent 4 wheelers and mopeds; this is pretty much a given when the 3 of us get together and honestly, it's the best way to see an island! Ryan and I had to resort to a 4 wheeler because when we were all in Sri Lanka (see link above) and rented mopeds, Ryan almost lost his life a few times because I was busy squirming around on the back taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. Since I don't have a good track record with balance (therefore can't ride my own moped) or riding on the back on mopeds, Ryan decided we would get a more stable 4 wheeler. Unfortunately, the 4 wheeler didn't have the get up and go that the moped did and we were left putting up the hills of Mykonos.

Our first stop was Ornos beach where we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and a relaxing day on the beach. Ryan and I don't get much sun in Scotland and Dubai is way too hot and dusty for Brian to enjoy the sun so it was nice to lay by a beach, relax and soak up the vitamin D!

The next day, Saturday, my friend Kristin, arrived from Aberdeen; we picked her up in style (on the 4 wheeler and moped of course), dropped her things off and headed to the beautiful beach of Psarrou. Again, another relaxing day at the beach which was needed for the shenanigans that would ensue that evening.

We learned on Friday night that if you wanted to get sleep in this town, you had to stay out with the best of 'em. Otherwise, they would wake you up as they ran up and down the alley type streets. We made this mistake on Friday and were sure not to let it happen again. Here is just a little preview of us dancing the night away in much. fun!

We had the whole next day to cruise around the island to see the beaches and views we hadn't seen yet and to revisit our favorites before catching the ferry to the next island.

Mykonos was great for beautiful beaches, cruising around the island and an oh so fun nightlife but these almost 30 year olds were looking forward to the tranquility of Santorini. Stay tuned...


  1. I love your pictures from Greece! Glad you got to enjoy some Vitamin D that wasn't rudely interrupted by haar.

  2. You all look great! Mykonos is beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of Santorini...