Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blair Castle

Sunday afternoon we drove about 2 hours to Blair Castle. Our friends, Dave and Sydnie, invited us to tag along. Ryan had actually been here with our friends, Sean and Kelly, a few years ago when they were living here and he was traveling to Scotland for work. Sean is actually how Ryan met Dave and Sydnie; it's been great knowing someone to ask questions about Aberdeen to and it's always fun hanging out with fellow Texans.

We had a great day and saw lots of beautiful Scottish country side. It was weird sitting in a car for 2+ hours and getting somewhere. Singapore was so small, you pretty much had to fly to get anywhere off the island. We are looking forward to many road trips across Scotland!

The earliest known part of the castle dates back to 1269. There has been 3 main developmental periods-Medieval, Georgian, Victorian and most recently a Millennial Project. The website gives a little history about the castle, I'm better at taking pictures ;-)

The detail in the wood is amazing. Look at the ceiling!

Ryan was in heaven with all of those antlers!


  1. Please help a fellow blogger friend and let me know how you were able to collage your pics??? Great pics by the way!! And, love the new layout, too!

  2. I love your new place! It is beautiful! I am sure you guys are loving all the open space!