Wednesday, October 10, 2012

F&D's Trip Recap: Shopping, Shortbread and Scotch

Friday was a packed day. We covered a lot of ground and the sunshine guided us the whole day. If I said it once, I probably said a million times how amazing the weather was while Faye and Donna were here. Seven days of PERFECT weather!!

We started the day shopping at Touched by Scotland (a must if you’re a local or a visitor) before enjoying yummy tea and lunch next door at Gadie's. Touched by Scotland has unique hand made gifts from local artists and Gadie's serves up local produce and meat. It’s one of my favorite places and will be on every visitors itinerary!

Next stop was dessert at Dean’s Shortbread Factory in Huntly. I’ve taste tested and Dean’s tastes better than Walker’s (to me) and since the factory is just a short drive from Aberdeen and Donna has a sweet tooth, I knew we had to make a quick stop. They were finished baking for the day but we were able to see the ladies boxing up the delicious treats before we had a taste of our own and stocked up with a few boxes.

Since we were in Huntly and Huntly castle was just down the street and the day was gorgeous, we decided to have a little stroll to the castle and surrounding grounds. Unfortunately, the castle was closed but we were able to get some great shots and enjoy the sunshine nonetheless.

Our last stop was at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. We did an hour tour before having a wee dram of the world famous single malt. Faye and Donna loved the tour and the beautiful grounds but weren’t big fans of the actually whiskey (it truly is an acquired taste). Me, on the other hand, probably could have enjoyed a dram of the 21 year old, the most of expensive of course. (Dad, aren't you proud?) This was my third distillery tour so I feel like I am acquiring the taste for a good whiskey...maybe :-) It definitely gives you a warm feeling inside which may be necessary for the winter!

Our day didn’t stop there. Donna graciously made us delicious Chicken and Dumplings and scrumptious rum cake for dinner. I know Ryan was a happy boy, I think he ate 1/2 the pot. Thank you Donna for making us such a yummy meal and bringing a bit of 'home' to Scotland!

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  1. I spent a small fortune on my hubs for his 50th bday.. Bought a 16 yr old Lagavulin. I wish I had asked around blogland prior to the purchase. It was highly recommended by the clerk at the liquor store.... But was WAAAAY to peaty for out palates. :( So is now counter decor . Very expensive object de art.