Thursday, October 11, 2012

F&D's Trip Recap: Birthday Celebration in Edinburgh

Saturday we were off on an early train to Edinburgh to explore and celebrate Faye Donn’s 30th Birthday! We spent the day walking and shopping with a short Underground City of the Dead tour that gave us a wealth of history on the city as well as a ghost story or two. It was a very cool way to learn about and see the city. I would definitely recommend this on your next trip to Edinburgh!

Our great tour guide, Ian! He has the scary laugh down!
Of course we stopped by Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.  We saw William Wallace while we were at the Castle!

Holyrood Palace, official residence of the Monarchy. Ceremonies and entertaining are done here.

After putting more than a few miles on our boots (and flats) we stopped for a sweet (or 3) at lovecrumbs. I love this place!

After our cake and a few more shopping stops we headed back to our swanky hotel to clean up before dinner.

In the process we were able to catch this amazing shot of the castle from our hotel window. Absolutely stunning!

We enjoyed dinner and a few cocktails at The Living Room. The food was great and the bar had a piano player singing and playing top 40 hits that was the perfect background music for our Mojitos and Strawberry Bliss.

I 'made' Faye wear that big 'ol 30 button ;-)
After enjoying a few drinks and a few tunes we took it 99 Hanover Street, a bar I fell in love with when Kasey, Nary and I were there back in August. It was a little bit crowded this time but the oh so cute couches were still there.

It wasn’t a crazy night but it was a very fun night and I am so happy Faye decided to spend her big birthday celebration visiting me! Happy Birthday, Faye!

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