Monday, April 1, 2013

Running is Better with a Friend

Saturday, I had a 23 miler on my marathon training schedule. As most of you that read this blog know, Ryan had a ski accident about a month ago in which he broke his leg and our daily routines have had to adjust accordingly. Needless to say, my running has been inconsistent because I much rather be at home taking care of my hubby (that is not sarcasm) and not to mention the less than par weather we've been having (2 weeks of snow) so, to say I was getting worried about the marathon is a bit of an understatement. Physically I knew I could probably pull it off one way or the other, to date my longest run had been 20 miles but for me running is a lot more mental. Mentally I needed a solid 21-23 mile run to give me the confidence to successfully run the London Marathon and achieve my goal time.

I set out early Saturday morning (with sunshine!!) to run a big 'ol loop from my house to the beach and back again stopping by Countesswells Woods, Hazelhead Park and the Dee Line. My dear friend, Debbie, I think sensed that I might have been little worried about my run and agreed to meet me and run the last miles with me. She was my saving grace. I got through the first 15 miles knowing that Debbie was meeting me and she trudged throught the last 8 miles at my turtle speed and I am truly thankful for that. Running is so much better with a friend. Even if you don't talk just having a companion makes a world of a difference. So Debbie, thank you so much again for slowing waaay down for me and helping me push through the last 8 miles. You're the best and I owe you one!

So, 20 days til the marathon and I now feel mentally and physially prepared. I just have to make it through these last few weeks, fitting in as many quality runs as I can. Luckily, hubby is on the mend and spring seems to be coming which I hope means our lives are returning to normal and no more running in the snow! 
A pic I captured along the beach. Look at those blue skies! If you live in the UK, you know how exciting those are ;-)

Also, thank you to everyone who has already supported my marathon efforts by donating to Relate West Surrey. It truly means a lot to me!

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  1. You're back!!!!! Woohoo!!!
    I'm sure you beg to differ, but it was fun running together! I wish I could hop the ropes and join you for a few miles here and there, but you will have so many other things around you that will keep you going. You are going do great!!!!
    P.S. Make sure to check the volume on the clock radio, check the AM/PM also, don't piss off the wake up call guy, don't blow a fuse from the hot tub, and don't hit the snooze. I think the three of us together can manage to get you up in the morning :-)

  2. Good job Jill! Something like this takes so much dedication and discipline. You can do it!

  3. You rock Jill! I know you will reach your goal time on the day. So proud of you friend:)