Saturday, April 27, 2013

You Know You're A Housewife When.....

Almost two weeks ago our washing machine went kaput. It starting making a bunch of racket like it was really off balance, even with a really light load, so we figured it was shot. Unfortunately, we have to go through the steps of contacting the landlord agency people and them getting a repair man to come out and confirm that, before we get a new one. This happened on a Saturday so of course nothing could be done until Monday. I put it in my husband's hands who happens to be very busy at work and doesn't quite understand the urgency of a washing machine since I've been doing his laundry since 2007 (not sure he even knows how any more). So, there were a couple of missed phone calls and miscommunication with the repair company (there's some fault on the repair company too) and we didn't get a guy to come out and look at it until this Tuesday. That is 10 days without a washing machine, 10 days of laundry (not to mention the 5 loads that were waiting to be washed when it broke) you know what that looks like? Luckily, I was able to do a few loads at my friend Eileen's house before I left for London and it hardly put a dent in the pile but did buy us some time before having to turn our undies and socks inside out.

10 piles + about 4 loads of towels....

Anyway, repair guy came and confirmed that it was done. It was old and something about a spring. I was dreading that it would take another 10 days to get a new washer but nope, we got a call Wednesday morning to tell us a new one would be delivered that afternoon!! I can not tell you how excited I was/am/will be for a long time to have a new washer! And good thing I'm excited 'cause there is lots of laundry to be done...

Look at that beauty!
It's also Angus approved!

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  1. When we first moved in, our washer was broken! It took about 1.5 weeks to get a new one so I know how you feel! Then, our dryer broke. It's not as important, but crispy towels are not so's like rubbing yourself with sandpaper. They replaced that drying with another one that turned out to be broken (it didn't spin). We just got a NEW working dryer 3 days ago! Goodbye crispies! Glad you finally got yours sorted out as well.