Thursday, February 9, 2012

Forvie Sands Hike

Today I went hiking with the AWA Explorers. (AWA stands for American Women's Association but it's actually a very diverse group with ladies from all over the world) We headed north about 40 minutes from Aberdeen for a 12K/8mile hike through the coastal lands and beach. It was a pretty drizzly/foggy day, not the best for photographing, but you if you can imagine what this looks like on a sunny day, it's nothing short of spectacular. Even on a drizzly day it's pretty amazing to see, you just can't tell so much from the pictures. This was my first hike with the group and I was able to meet a few new faces. I have been to a handful of AWA events in the 3 weeks we've been here and everyone I've meet has been so genuine. I am looking forward to many more hikes especially before I start working. What a great way to see and explore Aberdeen!

If only the sun were shinning. Stunning view!

Seals playing in the Ythan (pronounced Ethan) River. It was fun to watch them swim and wave around. Sorry for the much less than mediocre picture, I didn't have the right lens.

It is said there once was village in this area but it was demolished as the sands shifted. These are the remains of a church.

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