Monday, July 2, 2012

Trip Home Recap: Birthday Celebration/Welcoming Me Home

The day after I flew in was my baby brother's 28th birthday (I can't believe it because this means I'm almost 30...eeek!) so, my mom decided to have a little celebration for the birthday boy and me (because I was in from Scotland and that is a BIG deal ;-)). Jeffrey joked that it was my party since there were far more people there than would probably be at his birthday party (doubt it, maybe just different people) but it was fun none the less and I don't think the birthday boy was shorted one bit!
Making a wish
See, not shorted one bit...I didn't get a cake ;-)!!!
The Fam
Miss this guy!
Papa Bear

Mom and The Birthday Boy

It really was a great celebration; my mama knows how to throw a party! Happy Birthday, Brudder Cake and thank you for sharing your day! LOVE YOU!

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