Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kasey's Trip Recap: Braemar Gathering

After a fun filled Friday night celebrating Gerald's Golden birthday (31 on the 31st) and Kasey being in town.....

we were up early Saturday morning for Kasey's last Scotland adventure!

We headed in to the Cairngorms for the Braemar Gathering which is the most popular Highland games event in Scotland. Every year the Queen spends her summer at the Balmoral Castle and attends the Braemar Gathering as her farewell to Scotland until the next summer.
Balmoral Estate

The day was full of Tug-o-War, hill running, caber tossing, traditional dancing, hammer throwing and various running events. It's the 'Olympics' of Scotland and anyone can enter. We saw a 70 year old man whoop up on some 20 somethings in the 100m and 200m dash. Very fun to see regular Joes get out there and compete. Other than the caber tossing, the hill running event had to be the most impressive. The winner came in just under 30 minutes. That hill looks more like a mountain to me.
THE Hill; the participants ran from the arena to the top and back
Caber tossing
In order for the toss to count, the tosser has to flip the log all the way over and the straighter it lands on the ground, the better.

Tug-o-war was pretty intense!
And the background music to this event was none other than traditional Scottish piping bands from all over the country.

In training...

Future drum major right here. So precious!

Last but certainly not least, the ultimate highlight of the day was of course seeing the Queen herself in the flesh and only about 5 feet away (in a moving car, but it counts).

No, this is not an AP picture. :-)

Fun day at the Braemer Gathering! We are already looking forward to going back next year.

And....that concludes Kasey's whirlwind trip around Scotland. It was such a fun week having my bestie in town; I am so thankful she traveled all the way to see ME and this beautiful country in which I live! I was super sad to see her go but hopefully just a few weeks until I see her again when we are visiting the Great State! Look for her Top 5 favorite things about Scotland in a future post!

Love you Kasey Nicole! Thank you for coming to visit! Let's start planning your next trip; Fringe and London 2013!!

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