Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back O' Bennachie

This weekend we dog sat Laine and Jonathan's two pups while they were enjoying checking things off their bucket list. I didn't think Laine would take me up on the offer to keep Bailey and Samson but I am so glad she did. Angus LOVES Bailey (as do I) and it was fun to have little dog (Sam) running around in addition to one that thinks he is. I miss them already!

He can curl up into a little ball
Angus and Bailey playing in the sunshine
Samson found his spot
I knew I wanted to take Bailey and Angus on a long walk/hike on Saturday so it was perfect when Falene mentioned hiking Bennachie with a friend of hers that was in town (she also a lab, named Kady). Our friends, Nary (Nary's pictures are awesome) and newlyweds Pam and Fin came along as well. It was a little lot windy but the sun was shinning and that's a beautiful thing in Scotland, in the fall (or really anytime of year).
Me and my boy (courtesy of Nary)
On our way UP (courtesy of Nary)
Beautiful views
The crew minus Nary, she's behind the camera :-)

Bailey girl in action

The pups enjoying the view
Bailey girl posing for mom

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