Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kasey's Trip Recap: Fringe Festival

The next two days were packed full of Fringe Festival shows but not before Kasey and I visited the Edinburgh Castle on Sunday morning.

Fringe Festival is another Bucket List item! Fringe is a month long festival of comedy, improv, music and theatre from around the world. We saw 5 performances in two days and I will go back to 4 of the 5 again next year (the last show we saw, you only need to see once).

After scarffing down lunch at The Spoon and saying a quick good-bye to Ryan, we ran to our first show because we were cutting it close on time and we didn't want to be denied entry! It was a fun little escapade because we weren't exactly sure were we were going but we made it!

Our Saturday shows included Out of the Blue, The Vocal Orchestra, and No Shoes-The Improvised Musical.  Out of the Blue is an a Capella group from Oxford who remind me of the Warblers on Glee! Such talent and so much fun to watch! There are no words for The Vocal Orchestra; this group probably will come to a city near you and I highly recommend you check them out. They had the #1 beat boxer in the UK, Ball-zee(check him out!), making beat and bass noises with his mouth like I've never heard. In fact, everyone in this group makes the instrument and beat noises with their mouths but you would never know it if you weren't watching them. Absolutely amazing and so much fun! The Improvised Musical was also a treat because every single show is different. They take suggestions from the audience for song name, setting, musical title and completely come up with every thing off the top of their heads. That's true talent!
With 2 of the members from OOTB, they wore kilts for their last performance
During our breaks between shows we enjoyed yummy desserts at a little gem known as Lovecrumbs.

Because it was too hard to decide on just one, we shared 4 :-)
 And it was Pimm's O'Clock so we couldn't pass that up before seeing The Vocal Ochestra!

After our Saturday shows, we enjoyed some yummy pizza before sending Kristin off to the train station (silly work) then Nary, Kasey and I were off to explore and hit up the town. Even though our day had already been jam packed we couldn't stop there. We headed over to the very posh but very cheap (Sunday is the night to drink!) 99 Hanover Street bar to enjoy some cocktails and rest our feet before heading out for a fun night meeting backpackers from the US, having a quick dance off and finally calling it a night. Such a fun day with my girls!
We tried to think of a way to get this couch out of the bar without notice!

The girls just graduated from uni. and they are exploring
Europe for the next few months, so fun!
It's not a K&J trip without tearing up the dance floor
Don't ask ;-)
We slept in on Sunday morning and rested up for another fun-filled day. Since the shows we booked (Flash Mob and Brides of Comedy) weren't until the evening and our train back to Aberdeen didn't leave until almost 10, we had all day to explorer Edinburgh and do some shopping. Nary and I couldn't miss the opportunity to go in to Anthropologie (we miss our American shopping!) and we had to show Kasey what Harvey Nichols was all about. We started on the top floor at the Chocolate Lounge for a treat before making our way down and admiring all of the designer brands.
Heaven on Earth
Billionaire Shortbread (Millionaire with Glitter :-)
After indulging in chocolate and name brands we enjoyed walking the city before making it to our shows. Oh and we had to indulge in a glass of wine while we waited for the doors to open. Hey, Kasey was on vacation and friends don't let friends indulge alone ;-)

Flash Mob was basically So You Think You Can Dance live and 5 feet in front of us. It was hard to stay in our seats and luckily at the end they taught the audience a dance so that it was truly a flash mob. Last and probably least we saw Brides of Comedy. This was a raunchy comedy sketch that had us laughing mostly but saying what the heck some of the time too. I was glad we saw a true comedy act since so many comedians get discovered at Fringe. And after all, most comedy is raunchy and makes you uncomfortable at some point.

Nary with the street dancers from Flash Mob

A fun filled two days! Kasey was thankful that the next few days were low key. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wowee, you gals sure did a lot!!! Sounds like it was a great time. I need to try out some of those restaurants/bars/cafes you mentioned next time I'm in Edinburgh. And I'm super jealous you got to go to Anthro!!!!