Monday, August 26, 2013

Mom and Dad's Trip Recap: Glamis Castle and Pub Hopping in Edinburgh

After a fun weekend road trip to Isle of Skye, Mom, Dad and I were back on the road on Monday morning, this time to Edinburgh. We left about mid morning and stopped at Glamis Castle along the way. I am very disappointed I did not know how amazing this castle was until now. I feel I really shorted our other visitors not showing them the 'free ranging' Highland Coos, magnificent drive and the beautiful castle of Glamis.

Glamis Castle is the childhood home of the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the current Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. I was all sorts of confused before going on the tour as to who the Queen Mother was because the mother and daughter share the same name. I think it's clearer than it was but I still find my self question who is who when talking about the royal family.

We enjoyed the tour and had we had more time would have loved walking around the grounds. The highland cows (did not get a picture, what is wrong with me?) are not guarded by a fence but by a low barrier so it looks like they are free range.

We continued on to Edinburgh where Dad and I (and Mom too) started our pub crawl of Edinburgh. We didn't really do a pub crawl but we tried to pop in for a beer in as many as we could. Ryan and I have some favorites (Dirty Dicks, The Last Drop) and Dad and I discovered some new favorites (Queens Arms and The Abbottsford) over the 2 days we were there.

After a couple of pubs and pub dinner, we climbed Calton Hill to get an amazing sunset view of the city before calling it day. I like Edinburgh more and more each time I go.

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  1. We sure did lots in a short amount of time! Loved every minute. Love you!