Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mom and Dad's Trip Recap: Seaton Park and Trump's Course

We didn't have much planned for Mom and Dad's last day. They were taking the 6am flight the next morning so I knew we would probably lay low and take it easy especially considering how jam packed our days had been.

Because Ryan and I don't live in Aberdeen (just outside) it's not unusual that our guests don't even get to see the city of Aberdeen (not a whole to see). Mom was needing to get a few more souvenirs and it was a beautiful day so we headed to town. We made a few stops along Union Street before having lunch at Union Square Mall. I then took them to my favorite part of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen specifically St. Machar's Cathedral and Seaton Park.

We did the loop around Seaton Park and when heading back to the car a lady asked us if we saw the secret garden. We said no and she explained to us how to get there. She insured us that it would be worth it, that there should be lilies and all in bloom. Of course Dad insisted we go so, we were back on the path. Remind you this was supposed to be a 'take it easy day' so none of us wore appropriate shoes (not to mention, it was hot!) and unfortunately, the secret garden wasn't anything special especially considering the not-so-secret garden is stunning.

Secret Garden, all the flowers had already died. Such a bummer.

After our 'hike' around Seaton Park we headed north to drive through the Trump International Golf Links estate to see what the hype is all about. It is a beautiful property and once everything is complete it will definitely be something!

Whew....and that's a wrap! I think I've covered just about everything we did during Mom and Dad's 7 day trip to Scotland. We made lots of lasting memories and I am so blessed they made the long trek across the pond to come see me us. I hope this was the first of many 'holidays' together! Love you, Mom and Dad, thank you for everything!

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  1. I don't even know where to begin!!!!! We can't thank you enough for all the time you took planning our wonderful trip. I know we didn't see it all but you picked the things that you knew we would love. I have so many favorites and so many wonderful memories but spending time with you, Ryan and ANGUS ranks at the top. Love you and I'm so proud of you!! Mom