Monday, August 5, 2013

Recap: Summer 2013 Trip to USA

Our trips back to the states are usually a whirlwind which usually means I need at least a few day weeks once we get back to Aberdeen to recoup. So, my apologies for a delayed recap since this trip was no different than the others.

We landed on the good 'ol 4th of July!! My favorite holiday and a very appropriate time to arrive in the land of the free. Unfortunately because we landed so late it wasn't the usual day at the lake or pool or a outdoor BBQ or even fireworks for that matter. However, it did include family which is the most important. Mom and Dad met us shortly after landing so I could get Mom's car for the weekend. After a quick catch up and bite to eat, Ryan and I drove to his parents house where our precious niece and nephews, Nanny and Ryan's brother and sister n law and of course his parents were waiting for us with a delicious Mexican food spread! I regret not getting any pictures of the kids since this was the only time we were going to see them the entire trip. They are precious and as sweet as ever and I hope I snagged enough hugs and kisses to last me til next time.

Friday morning, I headed to Stephenville to begin Faye's wedding festivities (the reason for this trip back to the US). The wedding was absolutely perfect and I am so happy for Faye and Jason. They are starting their marriage much like Ryan and I did, with a big move!! Can't wait to visit them in their new casa!
My precious hubby

The New Mr and Mrs. Hodges

Hodges and Mahans. Faye's dress was incredible!

A glowy send off!

Monday, Mom and I flew out to visit family in Georgia. My cousin, Trey and his wife Lauren, welcomed a precious baby boy in May and we got the privilege of babysitting him one day. He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and has me wanting to move to Georgia ASAP. He is the spitting image of his dad!

Love these guys!!

And I can't forget to mention the little toot we call Sailor bug. I didn't get any pictures of her since she can't sit still long enough but here is a recent one from her first time roller skating. Tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen!!
Her shirt says 'Eat My Dust'! Haha, she's a mess!!

We got back from Georgia Thursday night and Courtney and I headed to Houston on Friday morning to help host Laura Beth's baby shower. She is due with Miss Rylee Ann in October. It was such a nice weekend with my best girls just laughing and catching up. I truly cherish those moments since they only come once or twice a year. Courtney and I even got 7 hours in the car together, just like old times on road trips from Lubbock! I am truly blessed to have friends that when we're together it was like we were never a part!

And I also got a special treat getting to drop into Tanvi's baby shower to say a quick hello! She's a stunning mama to be!

The rest of the trip was spent hanging out at my parents'. Mom and Dad hosted an amazing BBQ so everyone could see Ryan and I without us having to make a million trips all over town NE Texas.

And now, we are back in the 'Deen enjoying the lovely Scottish summer getting ready for my parents' visit in a few days. Can't wait to show them this beautiful place but I honestly think they are most excited about meeting Angus ;-)

 But who wouldn't be?!?


  1. You looked beautiful at the wedding! I think green is your color:)

  2. I agree; you look amazing in green. Your trip sounds exhausting, but it sounds like you really made the most of your time there. Cute babies/kids and visiting with family and friends are what these home trips are all about. Angus is going to be so spoiled by your parents!