Monday, August 19, 2013

Mom and Dad's Trip Recap: A Perfect Scottish Day

Mom and Dad arrived mid morning and even though I allotted time for a nap before we started our adventures, they were ready to get going! We started with the usual, fish & chips and Dunnottar Castle. However, since we had so much extra time (since they opted out of the nap)  and the day was beautiful, I decided we would do the 3 mile hike from Stonehaven to Dunnottar Castle (and personally, I think exercise helps with jet leg).

Our usual go to place for fish and chips is Bay Fish & Chips but since they don't serve beer and Dad was ready for his first pub experience, we went with The Marine Hotel who also happens to have yummy fish & chips in addition to over a hundred Belgium beers. Dad went with Guinness while Mom and I enjoyed our Cuvee des Troll, a delicious blonde beer from the Dubuisson brewery in Belgium.

After our delicious meal we set off for our three mile hike along the Scottish cliffs to Dunnottar Castle. I'm not sure I thought out having a big meal before a hike but we took our time and enjoyed the scenery and we all survived. And even though we all had a wonderful time this was my first tour guide fail. I had just done this walk a few weeks ago in my street shoes so I didn't even think to tell my parents to change into their hiking shoes (in my defense they had decent walking shoes on which is why I didn't think twice). The walk is rocky in places, has some steep inclines/declines at the beginning and end and there are places where the trail gets a little sketchy so hiking shoes probably wouldn't have been a bad idea. Sorry Mom and Dad, you did great anyway!!!

When we got to the castle we had a special treat, a bagpiper. So, between our delicious fish & chips, hike along the beautiful Scottish cliffs to Dunnottar Castle where a bag piper awaited us, I would say that is a pretty perfect Scottish day and perfect welcome to my parents to this beautiful country!


  1. Yay! Love it! Miss Dunnottar so much :( Y'all look like such a perfect little group :)

  2. Hey! There was a bagpiper when we went too! Different guy though. Must be something they do during peak tourist season. I'd like to know where my bagpiper was in January... ;)

  3. I love The Marine Hotel...possibly even more than The Bay. That might have something to do with the Belgian Beer selection:) I'm glad y'all had such a great time with the quintessential 'first day in Aberdeen' itinerary:) Can't wait to see and hear more about their trip.

  4. After this day of perfect food, the castle and of course the bagpiper, I knew we were in store for a great adventure. You are an awesome tourguide!!!! Love you!!